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Without Religious Freedom

With the growing concern from Christians, I wonder what our world would be like without the right to practice whatever religion you wish. I find the idea frightening. After all, we don’t live in the Middle East and most, if not all, of us grew up with a great deal of freedom.

I’m far from a religious scholar, I’m just a concerned Christian that watches and reads news stories of a minority of individuals who are suddenly “offended” that they see a cross on a Veteran’s memorial, or that a high school uses bible verses on signs, prayers before their games, or crosses on their helmets. Even the 9/11 memorial was attacked because they wanted to remove the steel beam cross. Restaurants are being told they are discriminating because they offer a discount to those who bring in their church bulletins on Sunday. (I actually went to one last weekend, proudly handing them my church bulletin) I could go on…Chik-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, etc…

I don’t see this ending, especially with our current government administration. Bad enough he’s not wanting to help save Christians persecuted overseas. Not even beheadings of two Americans and one British hostage was enough to sway him. He certainly isn’t doing anything here to stop atheists from slowly eroding away our religious freedom. Sure, Muslims can worship as they please, but now we can’t?

But something came to me. Do atheists think about the little things? For instance, if religion means nothing, how do you justify morality, right from wrong? How do you justify censorship of curse words on TV shows? Protecting children? From what? How are curse words bad for kids? How is sexual situations bad if not for religious teachings that have been around for generations and generations? What is that little voice in your head that tells you that murder is wrong? That’s called Christ. It’s Christ working in your heart to tell you right from wrong. If not, how can you say that something is “wrong”? Stealing is wrong? Really? Sure, because God said, “Do not steal.” Though you may be atheist, you’re still a good person because you follow the rules? No, the two don’t go hand in hand, sorry. Good deads don’t get you into heaven. Go to all the third world countries you want. Give to the poor, work in a homeless shelter, it makes no difference. Again, good deads don’t get you into Heaven. Belief in God and acceptance of Jesus Christ does. Ask your more valid religious leaders and they’ll tell you the same thing. Absolutely go help the homeless, feed a country, etc…but do it because it’s what God wants and calls you to do. Do it in His name.

Our country was founded on religious freedom. Our forefathers wanted to break from England so they could worship how they wished. Sure, Christianity is the predominant religion in America, which is why I think it’s being attacked. The Freedom From Religion people are as bad as the Westboro Baptist Church (which isn’t a church, just a bunch of sanctimonious lunatics pushing their political agendas in the name of God). Why don’t the FFR people just call it as they see it? God haters. Because, how can you hate something if you don’t believe in it? They absolutely believe in the existence of God or they wouldn’t be doing this. God haters and atheists are two different things. Most atheist just go about their day, do their job and let people be. God haters are the ones who want to wipe out God in our country. They’re offended by a cross? Don’t look at it. They don’t want people to pray in school or in public functions? Bow your head and be silent. Think about something else for a few seconds. That’s what people did thirty, forty years ago. Of course there was no internet then either.

I’m not saying the internet is evil, I think that it’s used for bad purposes. I mean, what does it say about us as a country when college students can’t remember what 9/11 was about (I know they were too young, but I wasn’t alive at the time of Pearl Harbor, yet I knew about it) and yet they could name at least one celebrity who had their pictures stolen from the cloud? It says that we, as parents, need to step up and educate our kids on real issues and priorities. And that includes teaching them the word of God.

As angry as all this makes me, I have to remember that Jesus (through the teachings of Paul) said Christians would be hated and persecuted for their faith. So, when I read comments where people are so hateful towards God, I need to pray for them instead. Sure, that’s hard, but what else do we have?

Trust. We still have trust. Not in our government or our leaders, but in our Heavenly Father.
Thanks and God bless!

3 thoughts on “Without Religious Freedom

  1. The way I see it, religion and God are not necessarily connected.

    You see, we are now into a very scientific phase of mankind, and this is not going to diminish at all, but get more and more intensified and expanded as to cover more of mankind everywhere and into the future indefinitely… forever(?).

    The most populous religions of today are still the ones founded some not later than 1500 years ago, and they have not changed in their knowledge of the material world, scil. the realm of science since the 1600’s, up to the present.

    For example, in Christianity which is the most populous of religions to date, there is the narrative that mankind is bad off because our first parents, Adam and Eve, offended God, and God cast them out of what, paradise, where things were so wonderful – no sorrow, no pain, everything is all happiness and ne’er ever a drop of tear, but there is only one rule, not to eat of the fruit of the prohibited tree, prohibited by God.

    This kind of a narrative is now, may I use the word, discredited.

    But God is still ‘alive’ and working, of course.

    I refer to God as in concept first and foremost the creator cause of everything with a beginning.

    So, what I think we should agree all informed mankind, I mean informed in sciences, we should give the option to peoples in religions, like Christians and Muslims and all other adherents of any and all religion, the option to live their religion, anyway they want, except one Rule, “Don’t do anything to another person, what you don’t what him to do to you.”

    And yes, there is another but second Rule, no forcing anyone in any way and by any means to join or to stay in a religion.

    Now, in this kind of an epoch, the rest of mankind will just let religious peoples who care to observe their religion, live among themselves, in their respective enclaves, but anyone inside these enclaves can come out anytime they care to, as also anyone outside can join any such religion enclave they care to join up with.

    There, that is the best compromise mankind can work up, for the needs of peoples who still want to observe a religion like the ones of Christianism and Islamism.

    And a third Rule is the following, No offense whatsoever is allowed by anyone in any religion against anyone in another religion.

    So, what do you say, dear readers of this comment from yours truly?

    For myself, I call myself a DIY Christian.

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  2. “Published by Ms. Melissa – Wife, Mom, daughter, writer, Adobe enthusiast, 80’s girl, closet shower singer. Strong follower of Christ & believer in happy endings. View all posts by Ms. Melissa ”

    You are an 80’s girl, you mean you are 80 years old plus?

    And you read like you are perhaps in your late 30’s.

    When you get to 80’s plus, you should already be a DIY Christian.

    But you mention your Mom, and that you are a daughter, so I guess it is your Mom who could be a senior citizen possibly in her late 70’s?

    And she brought you up to become and stay a happy Christian!

    But why the Ms. Melissa, shouldn’t it be Mrs. ?


    1. 80’s girl refers to someone who grew up in the 80’s. If my age was 80+, I would have said IN MY 80’s.
      I use the more informal term of Ms since I’m just using a first name. If I used a full name or just last name, I would certainly use Mrs. Some might agree or disagree with it and that’s fine, it’s just personal preference.
      Thanks and have a blessed day!


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