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Photographer Sued by PETA over Monkey Selfie (AKA PETA can stick it up their a**es!)

Seriously, in the world where there is dog fighting, severe abuse, dogs and cats in the streets with no homes, PETA goes after a photographer because a monkey accidentally took a selfie. PETA actually thinks that the picture is the property of the monkey because HE took the picture and not the photographer. As I said, SERIOUSLY. The photographer is basically out of money from the constant court cases. I can’t even….

I’d say, share the picture, so that PETA doesn’t make a dime off of it. 🙂


It was meant to be a harmless selfie, designed to highlight the plight of the endangered crested black macaque.

Source: Photographer in bizarre selfie court battle reveals that being sued by a monkey has left him broke

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