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Mother Goes to YouTube To Show How Wonderful She Is

Okay, I have to say something about this.

A disclaimer: I didn’t breastfeed because I had previous breast surgery and I didn’t produce a lot of milk to sustain anything. I wanted to though, but things happen you can’t control. No biggie, my kids have great immune systems and are just fine.

That being said, IF you want to breastfeed your child, go for it. It’s your life, your choice, I don’t care. In days past, if a woman breastfed her child in public, she covered up or went somewhere private, it wasn’t because of shame, it was just common courtesy to those around her. Not anymore. Now, the general public are expected to just “get over it” because it’s a natural process and one breastfeeding mother trumps everyone that has to view it. Know what else is natural? Changing a kid’s dirty diaper, but I doubt you’d like it if I did that five inches away from your table at a restaurant, huh? How about pumping into a bottle?

But, I digress. On to the YouTube Mom. She posted a video, showing her 4 year old daughter breastfeeding. Okay, you breastfeed your 4 year old. (She also breastfeeds her 5 year old son) I can’t say I agree, but that’s my personal opinion. The child has all her nutrition by now AND she can drink out of a cup. The Mom says it’s an emotional bond thing. All well and good. Your choice, again. But what in the world are you doing putting it on YOUTUBE???

That doesn’t make you a good Mommy, it makes you an exhibitionist. If you think breastfeeding a toddler is for nutrition, then pump your milk and put it in cups for your kids to drink.

I truly don’t get it. A bond as a newborn and infant, sure? But I would feel funny if my walking, talking 2 or 3 year old was grabbing at my breast, wanting to suck on it. Especially in public.

In the article below, there is this comment:
“It’s completely appropriate that a mother should avail herself to her infant or toddler,” Dr. Lori Winter, of the American Academy of Pediatrics told ABC News. “That’s in no way damaging to the child.”

You know what’s damaging to the child? Growing up to discover her/his mother put a video ONLINE of her/him sucking on her/his mother’s breast! I’d be mortified and I feel certain my kids would too.

Lady, I don’t care what you and all the breastfeeding mothers out there do in the privacy of your own homes, but what you make public becomes EVERYONE’S business. If you don’t want it to be, then don’t put it on YouTube!

Thank you and God bless!

Mom defends breastfeeding children as late as 4 and 5 years old.

Source: Mom Defends Breastfeeding Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

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