Can I Just Say…NO?

adblock_logo_stripe_testLet me drop a bit of a truth bomb to these websites that I visit who are suddenly asking me to disable my AdBlocker.


The reason I got the AdBlocker was to BLOCK YOUR ADS. Why? How about because you put so many of them on your site that the story I came to read won’t even load? And if it does load, then an ad pops up in the middle of the article that I also have to get past, followed by a thousand of them at the bottom. I have been to places where the page was so covered by ads that I couldn’t even find the article. Does that entice me to click on one of your ads? No way. I get that you need the revenue from these ads, but let’s get to the nitty-gritty. You are not using ads to pay just for the basics of your site. I have websites. I pay for them out of my own pocket and the yearly cost doesn’t make me go into bankruptcy. Bluehost offers unlimited storage for a pretty decent yearly fee. So you aren’t using ads to pay just for your site costs. Your using ads to MAKE A PROFIT. You want to make money. Why else in the world would you have so many ads and offer clickbait on top of it?

Look, the fact that I went to your site to read your article/post should be enough not to insult my intelligence. Put an ad in there if you want, but when my ad blocker is blocking 20 and 30 ads on one page? Then you have the nerve to say DISABLE your ad blocker? Okay, sure, I’ll disable it, then I won’t come back to your site. Just be honest and do as I’ve seen some sites do, ASK for a donation to keep their page active. They have the right to ask for donations for their site fees if they want. I can contribute or not, but I’m more likely to if they are honest about it.

Otherwise, if you won’t let me on your site because of my ad blocker, then it’s your loss. Sorry, not sorry.


And a note about AdBlock on Chrome. I LOVE IT! My browser has not crashed once since I started using it months ago. Pages load fast and the article is right there for easy viewing. Some ads slip by here and there, but I barely notice. So happy that I have it! IF there happens to be something that AdBlocker blocks that I need to see (and it’s happened before – it wasn’t an ad), then I can simply use the temporary disable feature for it to show. Easy! Check it out in the Chrome store if you don’t already have it.

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