Who I Am & What I Believe

I have a passion for family, writing, Photoshop, and graphics. I also love helping/tutoring older people to get an online presence. You will find a variety of different posts, from online safety to politics, to family & faith.  So, what’s here in my little corner of the world will vary from life, funny pictures & jokes to serious topics that affect our world.  I fully believe in the values of courtesy, kindness, and respect.  I have a strong faith in Christ and I’m not ashamed to share His love with others.  I’d love to hear from you out there. Feel free to comment on my posts and let me know a little about yourself.

Note: This is my personal blog, with my own thoughts and feelings. Comments are certainly welcome, but they are moderated. Commenting with the purpose of being hurtful to others or to troll, will not be allowed.  I’m also not responsible for the comments posted at the links I include in my posts or the pages I recommend. I can’t control what people say on other blogs and pages. I recommend and share links based on the post content. Thank you for understanding and enjoy your time on my page.

What's On Your Mind?

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