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Let’s Keep This Girl’s Memory Alive

When the world only seems to care about what the Kardashians are wearing or what a self-absorbed celebrity is ranting about, here is a story worth reading and a life worth celebrating.

Blessings, my friends

After a couple’s daughter was killed on her way to a missions trip with her church, they decide to share the last pages she wrote in her journal right before she was killed.

Source: Missionary Teen’s Tragic Death: ‘If You Do Not Know Him as Savior…Please Seek Him’ | CBN News

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Why handwriting is a struggle for today’s children? — Victoria Prooday

Just a taste of a new blog I discovered today. Nice articles written by an Occupational Therapist. Straightforward and no nonsense. Check out this article and her all her other ones as well.

I have grown children who still don’t know how to write cursive beyond signing their name. The school they went to didn’t bother with teaching penmanship and once they taught cursive, they never required it for any assignment. Instead, most of their reports as they got older had to be on computer. They put much more emphasis on keyboarding skills than basic writing skills and I think that’s a shame.

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No More Saturday Morning Cartoons?

Who remembered all the great Saturday morning cartoons? Now, after more than 50 years, there are no primetime Saturday morning cartoons.
All because of the FCC, who required a certain amount of “educational programming”? Are you kidding me?? What did you think Schoolhouse Rock was? I learned my grammar though SHR and I tell ya, what they are teaching kids now as far as grammar is embarrassing. What’s next? No grammar at all, just let them rely in Word’s spell check and iPhone autocorrect? I get that cable killed a lot of cartoons, but c’mon. A generation of kids that will never know how fun it was to wake up early on a Saturday morning, grab a bowl of cereal and turn on Looney Tunes. It was the one day of the week my parents could sleep in. Of course, we only had one TV. Yep, I grew up in the age before multiple TV’s, DVR’s to record and Cartoon Network, Netflix or Hulu to catch cartoons anytime I wanted. We had Saturday morning and if we missed it, we missed it. I’m sad.

To make us all feel better, here is a great memory. Sing along…I know you want to. 🙂

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