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So…how ’bout them apples?

Found this over at Chicks on The Right and thought it was too good not to put on here too.

No matter what political side you stand on, how can you argue the numbers? Well, actually, I’m sure someone would try because it doesn’t fit what they want to portray. But here is the video anyway. Just listen and make up your own mind.
Blessings, my friends.

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Mike Rowe Explains Why He’s Basically Awesome

Great article about Mike Rowe. I really like him for his stance on keeping things real. This is a great read!

I pretty much adore this post from Mike Rowe. For some background: Last year, Mike did a video for PragerU telling college graduates NOT to follow their passions, but rather to look for opportunities where others might see low-class and meaningless work. If you know anything about Mike Rowe, you probably know what the general […]

Source: Mike Rowe Explains Why He Talks To People Of All Political Sides – Chicks On The Right