Food for Thought

The Late 20th Century Internet:
I’m a wealth of knowledge and a great learning tool for children and families. I’m dedicated to providing information and a way to communicate with friends and loved ones all over the world.

The 21st Century Internet:
I’m a wealth of self-absorption and a hotbed of hatred. I’m dedicated to exposing every skeleton from every closet, anywhere in the world and making it all your fault.

Just sayin’

SCAMS! · Warning!

Locking Down Your Facebook Account – Safety 101

Finally, a good listing of how to be safe on Facebook. I’m posting it here directly, but also including the source. It is so important to be vigilant on Facebook these days. Many older people who get online for the first time are very trusting. Others, well…it’s all about attention. Likes and comments. This is what these scammers look for.

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When Facebook Social Justice Warriors Go Bonkers

A good example of people using Facebook to damage someone’s reputation. There is a huge difference is ranting about something that frustrates us and an outright assault on someone’s business or personal life with the intent on embarrassing or shaming them. I truly believe we’ve become a society of people who can’t handle our own problems without taking them public. We’ve all been guilty of rants, to a degree, but most of us keep it to friends. When you seek to ruin someone publically, at least have the brains to check facts. No matter how flat a pancake is, it still has two sides.


Source: False Facebook post damages dog grooming businesses reputation – ThatsNonsense.com