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No, just…NO!

Understand. What you choose to do, as an adult, in your own home, is NONE of my business. This choice for your life is between you and God.
That being said, what you choose to teach, as a teacher, is everyone’s business and utmost concern. Kindergarten should be about learning to read, write, sharing, manners and FUN! Stick to teaching the basics and keep your personal family matters out of it. This angers me so much because it is not her position to decide what those children know about her personal choices, especially if they are not what these children know as “typical”. This is out of Canada, so I don’t know the percentage of gay/lesbians there, but I would estimate it is very low, as it is in the U.S. So, that tells me they are in the MINORITY. Once again, we have the tail wagging the dog. A very small minority is trying to change the majority under the umbrella of diversity and inclusiveness. Adults recognize this, so what happens now? They go after the children!

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