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Nothing As Good as ‘The Good Ole Days’

Just in case your day wasn’t depressing enough… 😀
Actually, it’s a very interesting article, but still sad because it’s so true how we tend to let things deteriorate these days. I blame technology, actually. We’re so caught up in what’s going on online, that we tend to forget what’s right under our own noses.

The Source: Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment : DCist


Reporter Picks Up Flag After Harvey Destruction – KUDOS!

Believe it or not…okay, believe it…commenters on this video are still ugly fighting over the proper rules of etiquette in whether or not the flag should be respectfully destroyed after touching the ground. ENOUGH! The guy did a very respectful thing by picking up and folding the flag. He could have just as easily ignored it and went on his merry way. If it had been Colin Kaepernick, he probably would have stomped on it.
Why does everything have to be so controversial? Just agree the man did a nice thing and move on! *shakes head*